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We have seen striking yellows displayed by this boy from a very young age he has been one of the most beautful colorful young YBBB we have seen. He also has my favorite RBBB line in his blood (Bagheera) along with our WC RBBB Blue Fire Opal. You can see clips of this boy on our IG page @naturesvangogh he is pictured in front of the geode art canvases on our most recent Yellow Body Blue Bar (YBBB) post.


This boy along with all of our chameleons has been spoiled with a vast variety of gutload offered to his variety of prey items and has been raised with highest level of care and husbadry methods possible. Reach out for detailed information on how to continue the same care regimine. We love to help and share the knowledge we have gained keeping this beautiful species thriving in our care so that others can share the same experience.

Blue Fire Opal x (Bagheera x Moonclaw)-Rainbow Ambilobe

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