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Most of the time you will see blue/ blurple ambanjas paired to other blue/blurples in order to get more of the offspring to also be that very sought after purple chameleon. However I wanted to add some fresh unrelated genetics to the current gene pool that has to me started to look a lot like a house of dragons family tree😅.

I feel we can only keep the royal blue family pure for so long until genetic complications can arise. So, like other great blue/blurple ambanja breeders before me have done, I selected a WC ambanja that brought desired traits to the table (wicked pitch fork maroon bars with purple on the bottom half) but mainly those amazing perks WC come with (long tail, larger body, unrelated to all captive lines) and paired him up to our Atlas x Tar Palentir female that produced these one of a kind F1 Blurple ambanja’s!

I think the Cham gods blessed me for making the responsible decision by divinely intervening causing these boys to carry the blurple dams visual phenotype.


This boy along with all of our chameleons has been spoiled with a vast variety of gutload offered to his variety of prey items and has been raised with highest level of care/husbadry methods possible. Reach out for detailed information on how to continue the same care regimine. We love to help and share the knowledge we have gained keeping this beautiful species thriving in our care so that others can share the same experience.

WC Dumbledore x (Atlas x Tar Palantir)-F1 Blurple Bar Ambanja #1

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