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Note: (The exact animal pictured is the exact animal thats available, except the very last lineage picture.)


This boy comes from our Lapis x (Peacock x Purple Cadillac) pairing. In our opinion this is N.V.G. best pairing to date. Having the Blue/Purple visual in this many of the offspring from one blurple clutch still feels like a dream! If your looking for strong Blue/Blurple genetics look no further, it doesnt get better than these boys!


This boy along with all of our chameleons have been spoiled on a varried diet of insects with emphasis on the gutload, treating these insects as empty vessels. They have been raised highest level of care/husbadry methods possible. Reach out for detailed information on how to continue the same care regimen. We love to help and share the knowledge we have gained keeping this beautiful species thriving in our care so that others can share the same experience.

Lapis x (Peacock x Purple Cadillac)-Blurple #4

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